The proliferation of non-lethal, monitored, electric security fences in our towns and cities is indicative of the confidence the public has in this form of perimeter security. There is no doubt that electric fencing is the most effective perimeter security feature any property can have. The reason for this popularity is simple – monitored electric security fences are effective, economical to install and maintain.

Electric security fences offer more D’s of security than any other perimeter system available:

  • Demarcation – the fence around your property means you mean business.
  • Deflection – intruders are deflected to softer targets, the property next door that doesn’t have an electric fence.
  • Deterrence – the powerful and painful shock is a strong deterrent to would be intruders.
  • Delay – the physical barrier will delay an intruder.
  • Detection – any tampering with the fence is detected, setting off an alarm alerting you to the potential intrusion.
  • Deny – an electric fence that has been properly erected will deny entry.
  • Dependable – your electric fence works 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An ever alert, ever present, reliable watchman.


Intelligent Fencing Solutions specialize in the supply of quality perimeter security solutions to gated residential estates, residential properties, farms, game reserves, commercial and industrial properties on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal. We supply a wide range of quality products, expertly installed by our highly trained, professional team members. All our workmanship is fully guaranteed ensuring not only peace of mind, but that your expectations are fulfilled.

Customer service excellence is the cornerstone of our brand, and we pride ourselves on our reputation for superior workmanship. Our installation guarantees and back-up service are unmatched.

Why Us

We only use quality products and materials, period! We have found through experience, that the old adage “Penny wise, pound foolish” hold true and skimping on security equipment and materials is a foolhardy folly.
When it comes to quality and workmanship, we have only one rule. Do it right! We continuously strive to improve and meet or exceed our customers’ expectations every day.
We are a new dynamic company with top-notch skills and endless passion. We are backed up with over 30 years of experience in the electronics, CCTV and electric fencing fields and we have a lot to prove.
It is our intention to be the recognized leader in service excellence among all companies, not just those offering perimeter security solutions.
Affordability is central to our vision. We strive to do everything smarter, to be more efficient and as economical as possible without sacrificing quality.
All our products and workmanship are guaranteed for 2 years. In the unlikely event that something stops working, we are a phone call away.


Security Assessment

Should you have an existing electric fencing or CCTV installation, we will carry out an extensive and professional assessment to ascertain whether the system has been installed correctly, offering adequate protection to your property.

Electric Fencing

Installations: whether your requirement is for residential, commercial, estate or rural fencing, Intelligent Fencing Solutions have dedicated installation teams ready to address your requirements.

All of our installations are fully compliant to SANS 10222-3 and come with a certificate of compliance on completion.

Maintenance: Intelligent Fencing Solutions have skilled technicians dedicated to maintenance and repairs of all types of electric fencing. We offer ad-hoc support as well as monthly maintenance plans, which ensure that your fence is kept in pristine condition. Our maintenance plans are governed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement that defines both response and turnaround times, giving you peace of mind knowing that your faults will be attended to in the shortest possible time.


Intelligent Fencing Solutions installs and maintains a wide variety of CCTV products. There are literally dozens of different types of cameras, all with different lenses, interface types and recording methods. Our CCTV specialists will design and install the system best suited for your specific needs.