Security Assessment

Should you have an existing electric fencing or CCTV installation, we will carry out an extensive and professional assessment to ascertain whether the system has been installed correctly, offering adequate protection to your property.

Electric Fencing

Installations: whether your requirement is for residential, commercial, estate or rural fencing, Intelligent Fencing Solutions have dedicated installation teams ready to address your requirements.

All of our installations are fully compliant to SANS 10222-3 and come with a certificate of compliance on completion.

Maintenance: Intelligent Fencing Solutions have skilled technicians dedicated to maintenance and repairs of all types of electric fencing. We offer ad-hoc support as well as monthly maintenance plans, which ensure that your fence is kept in pristine condition. Our maintenance plans are governed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement that defines both response and turnaround times, giving you peace of mind knowing that your faults will be attended to in the shortest possible time.


Intelligent Fencing Solutions installs and maintains a wide variety of CCTV products. There are literally dozens of different types of cameras, all with different lenses, interface types and recording methods. Our CCTV specialists will design and install the system best suited for your specific needs.